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HTC Aria Android Phone (For Sale)

Mar 19 2011

This HTC Aria A6366 is an incredible smartphone, and it’s carrier is at&t. The phone has many cool features, such as Calendar, Email Access, MP3 Player, Speakerphone, Video Recording, MPEG4 Video Playback, Color Screen, Touch Screen, and Bluetooth Enabled. The color of this phone is black. This HTC Aria is used, but in excellent condition.

Apple iPod Touch 2nd Generation For Sale

Mar 19 2011

Here at the Hollywood Pawn Shop we have an Apple iPod touch 2nd generation (32GB) for sale. The iPod touch 2nd generation lets you store up to 10,000 images, 7,000 songs, or hours of video efficiency. This iPod touch has 480 x 320p resolutions at 163 ppi which delivers clear pictures. The iPod touch 2nd generation features a 3D graphic to have a great gaming experience.

Energy Act 1 Speaker Systems For Sale

Mar 16 2011

The energy act 1 speaker system is great use for high volume entertainment. This home entertainment system brings quality sound to the audience. The color of the speaker is black. The speaker is designed in Canada and made in China.

Fender Squire Strat

Mar 15 2011

The Fender squire is in a beautiful shape, and all it’s parts are original. The Fender squire Strat was crafted in china, in 1990. The white color of the guitar looks appealing, and eye catching for some guitarists. The squire Strat is a high end of fender squire guitars. The Fender squire Strat is usually played by intermediary guitarists, and a brand new squire strat go for $200. Although it’s crafted in china, the guitar feels and sounds like a Fender. Overall a very beautiful guitar awaiting an owner. For more information about the Fender Squire Strat feel free to call 818-551-0111, and ask for Vahan or Vahan Jr.