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Energy Act 1 Speaker Systems For Sale

Mar 16 2011

The energy act 1 speaker system is great use for high volume entertainment. This home entertainment system brings quality sound to the audience. The color of the speaker is black. The speaker is designed in Canada and made in China.

iPod A1099 60GB For Sale

Feb 26 2011

The iPod A1099 has a storage capacity of 60GB. It can store up to 15,000 songs. With the iPod A1099 you can be entertained for quite a few hours. The battery life of this MP3 player is 15 hours. With its 2″ screen users are able to watch videos, by featuring 220 X 176 pixels. Another feature which the iPod A1099 has is it’s USB 2.0 interface for users to be able to transfer data to a computer.

iPod A1136 30GB For Sale

Feb 26 2011

The iPod 30GB holds up to 7,500 songs, 20,000 photos, or 75 hours of video playback. With the iPod A1136 30GB you can run your applications with ease, because it is compatible with Mac and Windows XP. By adding your favorite music videos and television shows, you are able to be entertained at any moment you’d like. Connect your iPod to the stereo when you have guests, and be able to have loud music to listen to.

iPhone A1241 8GB (Sold)

Feb 26 2011

The apple iPhone is great smart phone for multiple reasons. For one, users are able to navigate through the web easily. By having an iPhone you can also take advantage of the convenience to view attachments and emails. This phone also provides quick application launching and great gaming experience. This iPhone is fully functioning but the screen is cracked as shown in the picture.

Samsung SPH-M910 Intercept (Sold)

Feb 25 2011

The Samsung Intercept features a 3.2 color touch screen, and its display resolution is 240 X 400. The phone also provides a Slide-out QWERTY-type keyboard for users who text message or browse the web often. The camera features a 3.1MP with auto focus to capture pictures. The Bluetooth allows to make conversation with hands free technology.

HTC Droid Eris For Sale

Feb 25 2011

The HTC Droid Eris provides high speed internet with WiFi capability. It also has a SD card for storing media, such as music and videos. This phone comes quite in handy in many aspects, especially it’s 5.0MP digital camera feature. With the camera you can auto focus to capture clear pictures. The 3.2 color touch screen and Bluetooth features are great addition to the Droid Eris.

Nikon AF 50mm Lens (Sold)

Feb 21 2011

The Nikon AF 50mm lens is able to produce crisp, clear and quality pictures. Great use especially for indoor and low light shooting. This lens allows close focus distance of 18″.The Nikon Af is most compatible with SLR system products.

Canon PowerShot A590 (Sold)

Feb 21 2011

The Canon PowerShot A590 has great performance with many features. The 8.0 mega pixel camera zooms 4X. Offering a 2.5″ LCD the camera shows clear pictures and also plays videos. Users are able to range shooting modes from manual to automatic mode.

Canon PowerShot A550 (Sold)

Feb 21 2011

The Canon PowerShot A550 is a 7.1 digital camera. The Canon PowerShot A550 has a 16.9 widescreen mode. It offers a AE lock, AF lock, Audio recording, Picbridge support, auto power save, digital image rotation, digital tele-converter, safety zoom and much more. Both the body and the LCD are in good condition with minor wear.

Iphone 3G A1241 (Sold)

Feb 21 2011

The Iphone is another popular Apple item. It allows you to launch applications very quickly. Being able to view email and attachments in just seconds builds interests for people in business. With it’s clean graphics users are able to have a great gaming experience. The Iphone also allows users to easily navigate through the web.This Iphone is used but the screen is cracked.