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Musical Jolly Chimp (For Sale)

Dec 30 2010

[one_fourth_last] $295.00 Call for more info: (818)551-0111 [/one_fourth_last] Los Angeles antiques are often valuable and unique. Very often, people discard items that…

Trades Pro 11 Gallon Air Compressor (For Sale)

Dec 30 2010

A used Trades Pro air compressor which is in a great condition is one of our inventory item in our work tool section. This amazingly strong qualified air compressor is 11 Gallons and its’s voltage tension is 115. The incredible Trades Pro air compressor holds 15 amp, and it has max psi of 125. It also contains 75% of duty circle.It’s 3 perk HP/2 Running HP Air compressor runs smooth under great results when it is in need of use.A very handy equipment to have which is used for high air pressure. This equipment is used in many aspects as such as personal, commercial, and manufacturing needs.Do you need an air compressor? Well you might just be in luck, because here at Hollywood pawn shop we have great used and affordable air compressor.

Fender Strat 1965 (Pending Offer)

Dec 30 2010

The 1965 Fender Statocaster is one of the most valuable Fender’s around. One of the reasons is it’s long life of musical sound that it holds till today. It’s sound of music is one of a kind.

White Gold Diamond Necklace (For Sale)

Dec 30 2010

Here at Hollywood Pawn Shop we have a showcase of a white gold diamond necklace. This Fine jewelry is 5.10 grams and it is 14k of white gold. This beautiful white gold diamond necklace has small diamonds that add up to be 0.80 ct. It also has 16 baguettes surrounding the inside of the necklace.

Apple Time Capsule (Hard Drive + 802.11n Wi-Fi) (SOLD)

Dec 30 2010

This incredible Apple time capsule features a built in hard drive, which makes backing up the data process to become very easy and hassle free. The apple time capsule can back up it’s data on multiple computer wirelessly. You can have wireless internet access for your mac,windows PCs, iPhone, iPod touch,and apple TV by using the 802.11n WI-FI which is built in this incredible apple time capsule.

1916 Edison Phonograph C-19

Dec 30 2010

[one_fourth_last] $950.00 Call for more info: (818)551-0111 [/one_fourth_last] Finding a rare antique while scrimmaging through Los Angeles Antique shops in search of…

Easy As Counting… Gold – Cash – Out!

Dec 21 2010

When you feel like there is nowhere to turn to get quick cash, look no further than your friendly, neighborhood pawn shop.…

Who Can YOU Trust With YOUR Gold?

Dec 20 2010

After hearing the word “recession” for a couple of years now, people everywhere are familiar with the financial situation plaguing America. Despite…

Jenny, You are Wearing MY RING!…It Was Stolen Last Week!

Dec 19 2010

Many times, when people look into purchasing items from pawn shops, those items are second-hand, meaning that somebody else once owned them.…

Everything You Need to Know…

Dec 18 2010

Pawn Shops have often been called the “Poor Man’s Bank” because they are known to provides funds for those who are otherwise…