Pearl Restringing

Starting at $29.00 (18″) or $1.50 Each Inch

Pearl Restringing Los AngelesNo matter how well your pearl necklace was strung, eventually normal wear and tear will cause it to break. Even the strongest of threads will age and become weaker as the years go by. Waiting too long to restring your pearl necklace can prove to be both inconvenient, as well as embarrassing, especially if it breaks while you’re wearing it.

With that said, it’s important to have your pearl necklace restrung every few years, to keep it in the absolute best condition. Look no further than Hollywood Pawn Shop and Jewelry. Our jewelry professionals will work with you to guarantee you’ll be wearing your favorite pearl necklace for years to come.

You’ll be amazed at how fresh and new your pearls will look once our jewelers at Hollywood Pawn Shop and Jewelers has given them the care they so desperately deserve! We’ll show you how easy it is to breathe new life into your favorite necklace or bracelet. Call Hollywood Pawn Shop and Jewelers today…we’d love to help you!

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