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Custom Guitar (For Sale)

Jan 28 2011

This is a Custom Guitar that you have to see. The amazing piece has a beautiful neck that looks excellent. The bridge seems to be original which is in great shape.

Ampeg BA-115 Amp (For Sale)

Jan 25 2011

The Ampeg BA-115 Amp is an equipment used for live performance. It features a 15″ woofer and being able to use 100 watts. The Ampeg is designed to connect multi string base player. The tone of the Ampeg is very useful which makes the Ampeg a functional equipment. The Ampeg also features tilt back design and portable Ampeg tone,while having 5 tones to choose from.

Carlo Robelli CK60 Keyboard For Sale

Jan 25 2011

The Carlo Robelli keyboard is a portable keyboard. It has 61 keys which is standard keyboard size. The CK60 keyboard features 20 different style of voices with a choice of Fingered or Single Finger modes. The Carlo Robelli keyboard also has 8 demo songs and 5 percussion pads. The keyboard also features headphones,volume,and tempo control. It is used by battery power or you can also connect the adapter to use.

Glaesel Violin (Sold)

Jan 17 2011

This musical instrument is pre -owned in good condition. A copy of Stradivarius. The Glaesel Violin is a well build Violin for beginners who can enjoy the sound of the Violin and learn how to play at the same time. The Violin is European crafted,by the the Glaesel craftsmanship.The Violin is durable and has a shaded spirit. The Violin features steel core strings,fine fittings, and four tuners.

Casio WK-200 76 Key Digital Personal Keyboard (SOLD)

Jan 13 2011

[one_fourth_last] $80.00 Call for more info: (818)551-0111 [/one_fourth_last] Casio is the number one brand for consumers looking to purchase top quality keyboards…

Fender Strat 1965 (Pending Offer)

Dec 30 2010

The 1965 Fender Statocaster is one of the most valuable Fender’s around. One of the reasons is it’s long life of musical sound that it holds till today. It’s sound of music is one of a kind.