Rhodium Plating

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Rhodium Plating Los AngelesRhodium plated jewelry requires careful handling and cleaning. Its sole purpose is to create a shiny, sparkly finish to coat sterling silver and white gold. This gives your favorite jewelry the beauty and appearance it truly deserves! What you may not know about this precious metal is the importance that it be frequently cleaned. Rhodium finish on your favorite jewelry wears over time, and should be cleaned at the very first hint of slight yellowing or browning. Call on Hollywood Pawn Shop and Jewelry to effectively clean any and all of your rhodium plated jewelry!

Put your trust in our company to get your rhodium-plated jewelry professionally cleaned with the highest level of customer satisfaction! We offer the best, most reliable services and our experts are ready to help each and every one of our customers. Give us a call to get your rhodium-finished jewelry cleaned today. Our team is here to help!

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