Clasp Replacement

Starting at $25.00 (Small) & $35.00 (Large)

Clasp Replacement Los AngelesIf you have a box full of broken jewelry clasps, don’t make the mistake of leaving your favorite pieces lying there because you’re unable to take them out and show them off! Replacing your broken jewelry clasps is a simple job for the team at Hollywood Pawn Shop and Jewelry. We’ll be able to fix your broken clasps in a cinch. Don’t opt for a quick DIY fix where you could potentially lose your favorite jewelry.

Put your trust in our team of professionals to help you find the quickest, most cost efficient solution to keep you wearing your jewelry for years to come. From a spring ring to a lobster clamp, Hollywood Pawn Shop and Jewelry will provide you with the highest level of service to make certain you’ll never lose your jewelry again! Get the full value of your money spent on your favorite jewelry pieces, and call Hollywood Pawn Shop and Jewelry today!

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