Cash For Gold

Need Fast Cash, cash for Gold is an option. Do you have any old jewelry, gold coins, or even gold antique pieces? Do you have misplaced or mismatched gold just sitting around? With gold prices being at an all time high, now is the time to get cash for gold. Get Cash for Gold within Minutes!

We offer some of the most competitive prices for karat gold. Come by and see for your self, you wont believe the amount of cash you may receive, for your gold.  Its always a hassle free, pleasant transaction with Hollywood Pawn Shop & Jewelry.

Gold is arguably the easiest and quickest thing to Sell/Pawn when you’re in need of some quick cash as it is the most universal product and doesn’t require time-consuming testing like electronics do. Because of this, you would generally receive more for gold, in terms of percentage, than for any other type of item.

Though gold value fluctuates constantly, it never drops too drastically and if so, it doesn’t stay that way for long. Electronics and tools, however, are constantly depreciating in value as time goes on; and some things fall off the market completely (are not wanted by consumers anymore) for various reasons, such as the Oculus Quest 2 headsets since Facebook’s purchase of Oculus. Gold, however, is not subject to such difficulties, and is easier to work it. If you’re confused as to whether the jewelry you have is real gold and what it’s worth, bring it down to Hollywood Pawn Shop & Jewelry to have it tested and examined.

Retail Value vs Market Value

Many people seem to be confused about the value of their jewelry. Have you ever bought a bracelet from the mall, or a pendant at a JCPenny? Chances are it’s not worth anywhere near what you payed for it, and it may not even be real gold at all! It’s becoming more and more common to see people who bought their jewelry from a “legitimate company”, and end up having paid an arm and a leg for something that isn’t even worth $100. This is why customers are always urged to come to Hollywood Pawn Shop & Jewelry, or any other store with an experienced jeweler to buy gold as it can always be tested on the spot to make sure it is real gold.

Stores at the mall always rely on selling an item for what they decide a customer will be willing to pay for it, regardless of what it’s worth; sometimes even stamping a popular brand name on it to make it seem legitimate. These stores don’t work with everyday people day in and day out, and never have to go through the process of testing gold, as all they do is sell their items at their set prices. This corporate approach is the reason large stores such as Macy’s are not an optimal place to be shopping for gold.

There is a difference between Retail Value and Market Value. The Retail Value of an item, is the highest amount the item can be sold for. This value can vary from business to business, and item to item. Anytime you buy an item from the mall, you are paying the retail value. At shops like Hollywood Pawn Shop & Jewelry, you’d generally be paying the Market Value of the item. The Market Value of the item is its actual bottom-line value on the street (For example, if you sold your item on eBay). The Market Value for electronics is usually 35%-55% of its Retail Value. Gold, however, is a bit different.

Since Retail Value is subjective (ranges from person to person) and is based on novelty, certain businesses may sell an item for over 10 times what the gold is actually worth. Large companies can get away with this, but it is a lot more uncommon to find this situation in a small business. In small businesses, the retail cost of a gold piece would generally be within 100%-500% of its metal value. This is why where you may pay $1,500 for a jewelry piece at Zale’s, at Hollywood Pawn Shop & Jewelry, you would pay roughly about $600 for the same piece.

Retail or Scrap?

The sum offered is largely dependent on if the item is going to be scrapped or retailed. If the business offering the sum believes they can retail the item, then they may offer a slightly higher sum. Otherwise, however, the amount offered will be based on the metal value of the piece. In other words, the amount depends on the weight and karat of the piece.


Pawn vs Sell

There are two possible ways you can get cash for your gold. Those options are either Pawning or Selling. When pawning an a piece of jewelry, you basically take out a loan for a set time period, and leave the item as collateral. When you come to pick up the item, you pay back the principal amount (what was borrowed), plus interest. Although pawning an item will pay out a bit less than selling an item, the advantage is, you wouldn’t be losing the item completely; It would essentially be in storage until it is redeemed (picked up).

When Selling your jewelry, you would receive more money, however there would be no possibility of picking the item back up. This option is more for the old jewelry you have lying around that you don’t wear anymore, or some of the antique gold that you inherited from grandma. However, for the jewelry you’d like to keep, pawning is an excellent way to get the most cash quick, without sacrificing your prized possessions.

You might also be wondering, “If I pawn my gold, when can I pick them back up?”. The answer to this is “Anytime within operating hours”. We understand that sometimes you need to make it to an event last-minute, and want to show off the jewelry you’ve been saving. Redeeming items is a quick and simple process, and doesn’t require anything other than the cash owed, the pawn ticket and a government-issued photo ID. It is also important to remember that only the person who pawned the item may pick it back up, unless an authorization form is signed, allowing the specified person the same rights as the person whose name the pawn is under.


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