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Get cash todayAre you financially strained? Need a small or maybe even a big cash loan for a few months? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At Hollywood Pawn Shop & Jewelry, we’ll give you a cash advance loan on basically anything of value. Our Loan process is fast and easy! Getting quick cash has never been easier.

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What are Cash Loans?

Cash Loans, also known as Pawns, are a great way of getting some fast cash. Just bring in any item of value, and our clerks will appraise the item and offer you a certain sum for it. Pawns are a way for you to get some temporary cash, without having to sell any of your items. On a Pawn, the item is still yours, however it is placed in storage as collateral for your loan. Moreover, Pawns are an excellent way to get a loan for someone who has trouble with their credit. Bad credit is not a problem here as you will be bringing in an item for which the market value would cover the loan. Come in today for an instant $50 cash loan!


How Do Cash Loans Work?

To create a Pawn ticket, you would bring an item in as collateral, and withdraw a certain amount within the value limit of the item. For a pawn, you would usually be offered approximately a third of the item’s market value. Therefore, if you’re looking for an instant $50 cash loan, bring in an item with a market value of approximately $150 or higher. The typical term (period of time for which the pawn is valid) for a pawn is four months. The due date for your pawn is always exactly four months from the day it was made. Therefore, if you pawned an item on May 17th, your due date would be September 17th.

If you are unable to meet the original deadline, don’t worry! At Hollywood Pawn Shop & Jewelry, we offer a ten-day grace period, for which your item is still safe from foreclosure; however the redeem/rewrite price will climb a bit higher for each day that passes during that grace period. Also, if you are still interested in keeping your item, but are unable to meet the deadline, please call and inform a clerk so that we may try to arrange that your item be held. Otherwise, your item will be forfeit.

Any item brought in for a pawn must be adequately tested before the transaction can take place. If the item is a unique or niche item that none of the clerks know how to operate, the item must be tested by the owner in front of a clerk.

NOTE: The customer is liable for submitting the item for pawn in a manner that is safe for storage. For example, when submitting a laptop for pawn, the customer should bring a sleeve or laptop case to pawn it in for storage safety. The shop is not liable for any scuffs or scratches that may appear when storing the item.

There are multiple different fees involved when taking out a cash advance loan. There are Writing Fees, Storage Fees, & Interest.

Writing Fees

Writing Fees cover the time cost of writing up a loan. A writing fee of $7.50 may be charged for each loan written. Alternatively, the fee could be 3.5% of the Loan Amount up to a maximum of $90. The fee policy is at the sole discretion of the individual establishment.

Principal & Interest

The loan amount given for a pawn is otherwise known as the Principal amount. When closing a loan account, the borrower must pay the Principal that was given, plus interest. The interest rates for pawned items are broken down by price as follows:

Amount of Loan (Principal)                              Interest Charge

  • $0.01 – $19.99                   ————             $3.00                                             
  • $20.00 – $49.99                 ————             $6.00
  • $50.00 – $74.99                 ————             $9.00
  • $75.00 – $99.99                 ————             $12.00
  • $100.00 – $174.99             ————             $15.00
  • $175.00 – $2,499.99          ————             9% of Principal


Storage for Pawned Items

Space is one of the primary resources a pawn shop needs in order to operate. Therefore, size matters when pawning an item. Generally, your first choice might be to pawn some jewelry or a smartphone, however for those that are involved in certain professions and hobbies that require large equipment, the item you bring in may incur more of a storage fee than the more common pawns. Storage fees are broken down as follows:

  • ($3) for any article that can be contained within one cubic foot.
  • ($6) for any article that must be contained within between one and three cubic feet.
  • ($12) for any article that must be contained within between three and six cubic feet.
  • ($24) for any article that must be contained in a space greater than six cubic feet.
  • There will be an additional three-dollar fee added for each additional cubic foot exceeding six cubic feet.

Pawning Electronics

Electronics like bluetooth speakers and DSLR cameras usually don’t take very much time to test and write up, and therefore, make the quickest transactions when it comes to electronics. However, some electronics like computers, smartphones, and other personal devices require extensive testing and hardware information (specs) to be derived from them. All machines and devices with a battery MUST be adequately charged (at least 50%) in order for us to be able to check the battery. Otherwise, it will be considered an item with a Bad Battery, which would yield a smaller loan.

When pawning electronics with a removable battery, such as a DSLR camera, there must be at least one fully functional battery and battery charger provided. Otherwise, it will be deducted from the loan amount. Please make sure that any battery brought in is adequately charged for testing.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that it is the customer’s responsibility to have all important data on pawned computers or other personal devices backed up before pawning, or take care of the loan on time. We are not responsible for any data loss from foreclosure of devices.

NOTE: Any computer or personal device with an active account lock (such as iCloud, Google, etc.) will need to be signed out in front of a clerk at the time of the transaction in order for the transaction to take place. No exceptions.


Pawning Jewelry

Jewelry is arguably the most common item to pawn, and is the most convenient as they are a lot smaller and don’t incur as much of a storage fee as larger items. Jewelry also yields a higher loan amount than any other type of item. With any other type of item, the loan amount usually equates to approximately a third of the item’s market value, however with gold, we offer about double that. In other words, the loan amount equates to approximately sixty percent of the item’s value. Most jewelry pieces are appraised for their material value. Some unique pieces might be retailed, and therefore warrant a slightly higher offer, however more often than not, the piece is priced by its gold value.


Redeeming and Rewriting Loans

When the term for a loan expires, the customer must come in and pay back the principal, plus interest. When reclaiming a pawned item, otherwise known as Redeeming, the borrower must bring back the ticket that was given when the loan was first made. Without this ticket, there will be a $10 lost ticket fee for each loan that is missing a ticket. Alternatively, the borrower may choose to extend, or Rewrite, the loan, which renews the loan for another term (four months). Although we accept credit cards for purchases, Redeems and Rewrites MUST be paid back in CASH. No exceptions.

In order to Redeem an item, the borrower must bring back the ticket that was issued when the pawn was first made and bring a government issued photo ID for verification. Typically, a pawned item can only be redeemed by the person whose name the pawn is under. Additionally, no information can be given out to anyone other than the borrower. Alternatively, when pawning an item, one can choose to request an authorization form in order to authorize a specific person, or persons, other than the intended borrower to pick up the item or ascertain information about a loan.

Despite not being able to reclaim a pawned item on someone else’s behalf, if one has a pawn slip that belongs to somebody else, they may submit the ticket and rewrite the loan in order to extend it for another term. This way, customers can avoid losing their items when they are out of town or unable to come down physically, by sending in a friend or family member to settle the debt.



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