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We have great deals on Electronics, Musical Instruments, Work Tools, Antiques and Jewelry for sale. All items are priced at or below market value. We Have the best deals online! Feel free to browse our website and Live Chat with us if you have any questions.

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  • iPods
    We have a wide selection of iPods varying from 8GB to 80GB. The following are popular brands we have in stock: Ipod Touch, Ipod Nano, Ipod 4th generation, and Ipod 5th generation.
  • Guitars
    Popular brands such as Fenders, Gibson, Ibanez, and much more can be found here. Our inventory also ranges from different types of guitars, such as electric, bass, and acoustics.
  • Cameras
    Shop Cameras for sale. Popular brands we have in stock: Nikon, Canon, Pentax. We also have a wide selection of camera lenses.
  • Gadgets
    We have a wide variety of gadgets and games. Our inventory ranges from Cobra Walkie Talkies, to Halex Electronic Dartboard, Proxima Ultralight Projector, and even a Sony Playstation 2 Concole with games!
  • Computers
    We currently only have one Acer in stock, but more computers coming soon!!
  • Entertainment Systems
    Entertainment Systems
    We have many great entertainment systems, such as Technics Home Theater System, Panasonic Home Theater System, Toshiba DVD Video Player, and much more!
  • Power Tools
    Power Tools
    Our Power Tools such as the Ryobi Reciprocating Saw are cutting edge. We have many power tools for your construction needs and the following are few of the tools we carry: Task Force Brad Nailer, Delta Miter Saw, and Craftsman Sander. Click here to check out the rest of our amazing tools.
  • Cell Phones
    Cell Phones
    Our amazing phones such as the Blackberry Cure 8330 are one of the best phones. We also have an Iphone 3gs which fell in the water, but is still working! More fantastic cell phones are in your reach with the click of a button!
  • Watches
    Do you know what time it is? Its time to buy a watch! We carry all sorts of stylish watches! Here are a few watches we carry: Polanti Watch and Cartier Watch. Click the “Shop Online Now” button for dazzling watches to use and show off!
  • Collectibles
    Want something cool to hang up on the wall, show off, or look at?! We have all sorts of collectibles and are some of the best and rarest ones. Here are a few we carry: Vintage Royal Typewriter, Coca Cola Desk Pack, Coca Cola Toothpick Dispenser, and more! Come, click, and collect!
  • Pendants
    Pendants coming soon!
  • Amplifiers
    Need to amplify your music?! Need to amplify your passion?! Want to rock out loud?! We have some great amplifiers for all your musical needs! Here are a few amps we carry: Fender Sidekick Amplifier, Crate MX10 Amplifier, and Crate MX B10 Amplifier. Click here and amp up your music!
  • Saxophones
    Saxophones coming soon!
  • Violins
    Do you enjoy listening to calm and soothing classical music? Do you like playing classical music? If so, here is a beautiful violin for you to play! We currently only have one violin in stock (Handarbeit Aus Mittenwald), but more violins coming soon!
  • Keyboards
    Need a piano on the go?! Here is a nice keyboard for all the piano players! We currently only have one in stock (Carlo Robelli CK60 Keyboard), but more keyboards coming soon!
  • Rings
    Need an amazing ring?! You’ve come to the right place! Whether its an engagement ring, marriage ring, or a class ring, it will make both you and your partner shine! What better way to express your love than a beautiful and sparkling ring that expresses the shine of your love?! With the click of a button, this love can be expressed!
  • Necklaces
    We sell necklaces of different varieties! All different, but all beautiful! If you need a great and sparkling necklace, then you can find it here!
  • Bracelets
    Brace yourself for some of the greatest bracelets ever! We carry beautiful and stylish bracelets for all the wrists that need a little sparkle! We also carry amazing charm bracelets! If you need a bracelet, this is the place! Click now, or come to the shop!
  • Paintings
    If you need something beautiful to hang up somewhere in your house, you have come to the right place. We carry lots of beautiful art and paintings in our shop! Come to our shop and pick up an artistic masterpiece of your choice!
  • Antique Cameras
    Antique Cameras
    Talk about pictures from the past. We sell different types of antique cameras. We give you a glimpse of what old cameras used to looks like. You can use it as a nice decoration or use it to take a picture like they used to do in the 1900′s. Come to the shop and buy now!
  • Antique Globes
    Antique Globes
    Have you ever been around the world in 5 seconds flat? Well now you can! Well…not literally, but our globes list every single place on the earth! Whether you need it for a project, work, or for your personal interest we have it here and we’re waiting for you!
  • Antique Musical Instruments
    Antique Musical Instruments
    We currently only have one amazing and old beautiful instrument in stock (1916 Edison Phonograph C-19), but more coming soon!
  • Cordless Tools
    Cordless Tools
    We here at Hollywood Pawn Shop dont just sell antiques and jewelry and other cool items, but we also sell cordless tools for all your construction needs! Ever needed tools without a cord? Well if your looking for cordless tools, then look no further. Come and buy today!
  • Air Tools
    Air Tools
    Air tools coming soon!
  • Air Compressors
    Air Compressors
    We currently have only one great Air Compressor in stock (Trades Pro 11 Gallon Air Compressor), but more air compressors coming soon!
  • Mechanic Tools
    Mechanic Tools
    We have all sorts of great mechanic tools for sale such as the Craftsman Sears and the Makita! Come to our store and check out the rest of our tools! Buy today!