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Fender Sidekick Amplifier For Sale

Feb 05 2011

This Fender Amplifier is great Vintage electronic guitar amplifier. Great piece of musical equipment which is ready for use. Plug in the wire and rock N roll. The Fender amp Great small amplifier which is convenient to transport. The amp pushes 15 watts of power. This amp also comes with it’s power cable.

Crate MX10 Amplifier For Sale

Feb 05 2011

The Crate MX10 Amp which has 10 watts is great amp for someone to learn how to play with bass. The Amplifier is used but it is in great condition, as well as it’s power cable. This Crate MX10 is fully functioning and it is ready for use. The useful amp pushes 120 Volts. The measurements on this amplifier is 12×12.This Crate amplifier features six knobs which includes boost, gain, volume, bass, mid, and treble.

Crate MX B10 Amplifier (Sold)

Feb 05 2011

The Crate BX B10 Amplifier is a great amp. The amp is contained of 10 watts. The Crate amplifier has speakers of 18′.The Crate MX B10 is great for a beginning amp for a bass player. This amp is a lightweight amplifier which weighs 14 Lbs. The dimensions of the amplifier is 8.5x12x14. The Crate amp is used but it is in good condition and fully functional.

Dean Markley Micro Amplifier (For Sale)

Jan 31 2011

Many guitarists look for a convenient amplifier to use. The Dean Markley micro amplifier is a great amp which is convenient while having the right tone of sound. The micro amplifier is great because it serves the purpose perfectly. Having a pocket amp and being able to transport it so easily is what makes this amp so unique.

Ampeg BA-115 Amp (For Sale)

Jan 25 2011

The Ampeg BA-115 Amp is an equipment used for live performance. It features a 15″ woofer and being able to use 100 watts. The Ampeg is designed to connect multi string base player. The tone of the Ampeg is very useful which makes the Ampeg a functional equipment. The Ampeg also features tilt back design and portable Ampeg tone,while having 5 tones to choose from.