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Chicago Wood Electric Planer For Sale

Feb 08 2011

The Chicago wood electric planer is a great power tool to shape up wood’s such as 4×4. This power tool makes it convenient for a user to weld. The high performance 5.5 amps cuts 33,000 per minute. The Alloy steel blade feature which helps cut 1/16″ in depth helps users do their work at a faster and easier paste

Ryobi Reciprocating Saw (For Sale)

Jan 31 2011

Looking for a saw that will get the job done right? Well at Hollywood Pawn Shop we have the Ryobi Reciprocating saw for sale. This saw is a great power tool. This power tool is double insulated. The power tool comes with it’s original manufacture box and it’s power cable.

Task Force Brad Nailer (For Sale)

Jan 31 2011

The task force brad nailer is a great power tool. This tool can be handy in many different situations. For  example, the task force brad nailer can come in handy for stapling your computer power cables to a corner wall. If you are in need of a nailer , then the task force brad nailer will do the job. The power tool can make the process of nailing a very simple and a hassle free experience. This task force nailer comes with it’s power cable it’s original box.

Delta Miter Saw (For Sale)

Jan 30 2011

Looking for a power tool? In need of a miter saw that will get the job done right? Well the Delta miter saw is the one.

Craftsman Sander (For Sale)

Jan 30 2011

Here we have Craftsman sander. If you are looking for a sander tool, this Craftsman sander will get the job done. This Craftsman sander is a used tool which is dual motioned/double insulated 100%. The model number of the this sander is 315.11660. The sander comes with its original wire and plug. It offers 120 volts-25HZ, and 4.0 amps.

Black And Decker Circular Saw ( For Sale )

Jan 30 2011

Here in Hollywood Pawn Shop’s inventory we have many useful work tools for sale. The black and decker circular saw is a great tool. It has a 7 1/4″ blade which can be useful for many work situations. With a blade like the black and decker circular saw you will have no problem sawing a 4×4 wood. That’s not all the black and decker offers, it also has a 1 1/2 HP.

Task Force Circular Saw (Sold)

Jan 25 2011

[one_fourth_last] $29.00 Call for more info: (818)551-0111 [/one_fourth_last] Used Task Force Corded Circular Saw For Sale. 120V, 60Hz, 12A. 5,500RPM. 7 1’4…

Trades Pro 11 Gallon Air Compressor (For Sale)

Dec 30 2010

A used Trades Pro air compressor which is in a great condition is one of our inventory item in our work tool section. This amazingly strong qualified air compressor is 11 Gallons and its’s voltage tension is 115. The incredible Trades Pro air compressor holds 15 amp, and it has max psi of 125. It also contains 75% of duty circle.It’s 3 perk HP/2 Running HP Air compressor runs smooth under great results when it is in need of use.A very handy equipment to have which is used for high air pressure. This equipment is used in many aspects as such as personal, commercial, and manufacturing needs.Do you need an air compressor? Well you might just be in luck, because here at Hollywood pawn shop we have great used and affordable air compressor.