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Vintage Royal Typewriter For Sale

Feb 09 2011

The antique Royal typewriter was made in United States in the 1930’s. The unique typewriter is a portable with glass keys. The typewriter was made of steel, glass, metal, and cardboard. The Royal typewriter prints clear letters in Pica type.The typewriter is in good condition. The Royal typewriter also comes with it’s cover.

Pentax ZX-60 Camera (Sold)

Jan 25 2011

One of the best Cameras used for outdoor adventures such as hiking,camping,skiing,fishing,and etc. The Pentax lens is 28-90. It auto focus 35mm. It has compact dimensions and a user friendly operation. It measures 5.4” (W) x 3.7” (H) x 2.5” (D), and weighing 11.5 oz. The Camera makes capturing pictures sharp and crisp,visual enough to make it easy to see specifications.

Coca Cola Desk Pack(For Sale)

Jan 20 2011

A collectible that is limited is the Coca Cola desk pack. It is unique,rare,and a great collectors item. This Coca Cola desk Pack has no damages. The Coca Cola desk pack also features 6 mini pack bottles,which is a stationary set. With the plastic holders being 4″X 2.5″,and each bottle being 4″ tall.

Coca Cola Toothpick Dispenser (For Sale)

Jan 20 2011

One our other unique Coca Cola antiques which we have is our Coca Cola toothpick dispenser. It is also a retro style item which is great for the same setting style or simply a collectors item. Like a few Coca Cola collectibles, this one also has it’s original Coca Cola colors,writing,and style. The toothpicks are put from the top of the cap as shown in the picture. The cap has a handle that makes the dispenser look very stylish and unique. A style like this Coca Cola toothpick dispenser does not produce often anymore and is rare to come around.

Coca Cola Salt Pepper Dispenser (Sold)

Jan 20 2011

The Coca Cola salt and pepper dispenser is a very unique and old collectors item. The Coca Cola salt and pepper dispenser has a few reasons why collectors love it so much. For one to start with, it has it’s original Coca Cola colors,writing, and shape like old soda vending machines from the late 80’S. If you like retro style, then this would match with any retro style table setting. Best of all this item is authentic and discontinued,being very few to be left. The antique Coca Cola salt and pepper is built with a set stand,making very convenient for use.

Early American Needlework (For Sale)

Jan 15 2011

A very old and antique American needlework is what we have. This American needlework is from the late 19th century.As the picture shows the American needlework’s background was used for as a clock. It still has the numerals and just needs the hands.The antique piece also comes in a old wooden frame which is in good condition.

Nancy Clipper Antique Sled (For Sale)

Jan 14 2011

The Nancy clipper sled is a real authentic antique which was used in from mid 20th century by small children. The Nancy clipper sled is an elegant antique which measures 38″ in length, 12″ in width, and 8″ in depth. Its worn out condition and rust shows its ages, but yet feels like in good condition.

Antique Infant Bed (For Sale)

Jan 13 2011

This is an antique infant bed. This antique is a hand made item from wood. This antique is a child’s toy bed, made in the early 20th century. A great collectors item or display to have as an antique.

Musical Jolly Chimp (For Sale)

Dec 30 2010

[one_fourth_last] $295.00 Call for more info: (818)551-0111 [/one_fourth_last] Los Angeles antiques are often valuable and unique. Very often, people discard items that…

1916 Edison Phonograph C-19

Dec 30 2010

[one_fourth_last] $950.00 Call for more info: (818)551-0111 [/one_fourth_last] Finding a rare antique while scrimmaging through Los Angeles Antique shops in search of…