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Apple iPod Touch 2nd Generation For Sale

Mar 19 2011

Here at the Hollywood Pawn Shop we have an Apple iPod touch 2nd generation (32GB) for sale. The iPod touch 2nd generation lets you store up to 10,000 images, 7,000 songs, or hours of video efficiency. This iPod touch has 480 x 320p resolutions at 163 ppi which delivers clear pictures. The iPod touch 2nd generation features a 3D graphic to have a great gaming experience.

iPhone A1241 8GB (Sold)

Feb 26 2011

The apple iPhone is great smart phone for multiple reasons. For one, users are able to navigate through the web easily. By having an iPhone you can also take advantage of the convenience to view attachments and emails. This phone also provides quick application launching and great gaming experience. This iPhone is fully functioning but the screen is cracked as shown in the picture.

Iphone 3G A1241 (Sold)

Feb 21 2011

The Iphone is another popular Apple item. It allows you to launch applications very quickly. Being able to view email and attachments in just seconds builds interests for people in business. With it’s clean graphics users are able to have a great gaming experience. The Iphone also allows users to easily navigate through the web.This Iphone is used but the screen is cracked.

Apple Time Capsule (Hard Drive + 802.11n Wi-Fi) (SOLD)

Dec 30 2010

This incredible Apple time capsule features a built in hard drive, which makes backing up the data process to become very easy and hassle free. The apple time capsule can back up it’s data on multiple computer wirelessly. You can have wireless internet access for your mac,windows PCs, iPhone, iPod touch,and apple TV by using the 802.11n WI-FI which is built in this incredible apple time capsule.