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Canon EF 35-80mm Lens

Mar 22 2011

The Canon EF 35-80mm is in good condition. It’s lighting and zoom helps with the performance when taking a picture. When zooming in for a picture the optical system provides high quality. Close-ups of picture area can be small as a postcard, which are possible at the 80mm position. For more information about the Canon EF 35-80mm Lens For Sale feel free to call 818-551-0111.

Nikon AF 50mm Lens (Sold)

Feb 21 2011

The Nikon AF 50mm lens is able to produce crisp, clear and quality pictures. Great use especially for indoor and low light shooting. This lens allows close focus distance of 18″.The Nikon Af is most compatible with SLR system products.

Canon PowerShot A590 (Sold)

Feb 21 2011

The Canon PowerShot A590 has great performance with many features. The 8.0 mega pixel camera zooms 4X. Offering a 2.5″ LCD the camera shows clear pictures and also plays videos. Users are able to range shooting modes from manual to automatic mode.

Canon PowerShot A550 (Sold)

Feb 21 2011

The Canon PowerShot A550 is a 7.1 digital camera. The Canon PowerShot A550 has a 16.9 widescreen mode. It offers a AE lock, AF lock, Audio recording, Picbridge support, auto power save, digital image rotation, digital tele-converter, safety zoom and much more. Both the body and the LCD are in good condition with minor wear.

Nikon AF Nikkor 28-80mm Lens (Sold)

Feb 19 2011

[one_fourth_last] $269.00 Call for more info: (818)551-0111 [/one_fourth_last] [one_fifth] [image width=”100″ height=”100″]×199.jpg[/image] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [image width=”100″ height=”100″]×199.jpg[/image] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [image width=”100″ height=”100″]×199.jpg[/image]…

Canon EF 55-200mm Lens (Sold)

Feb 19 2011

The Canon EF 55-200mm is a USM zoom lense. The lense comes with its front cap. The lense is not new but it is in mint condition. The Canon EF 55-200mm f/4.5-5.6 II USM Telephoto Lens for Canon EOS SLR Cameras brings high when taking a picture.

Canon EF 28-80mm Lens For Sale

Feb 19 2011

The Canon EF 28-80mm lense has a manual mode and also a autofocus mode. The Canon EF 28-80mm lense fits onto a Canon EOS digital cameras. The Canon EF 28-80mm lense also fits on all kinds of canon cameras that use the EF mount.

Canon PowerShot SD900 (Sold)

Jan 29 2011

[one_fourth_last] $79.00 Call for more info: (818)551-0111 [/one_fourth_last] Canon PowerShot SD900 For Sale. This item is USED, but in good cosmetic condition.…

Nikon N65 Camera with Lens (For Sale)

Jan 29 2011

[one_fourth_last] $89.00 Call for more info: (818)551-0111 [/one_fourth_last] If photography is your passion, then you need to get the Nikon N65. Camera…

Pentax ZX-60 Camera (Sold)

Jan 25 2011

One of the best Cameras used for outdoor adventures such as hiking,camping,skiing,fishing,and etc. The Pentax lens is 28-90. It auto focus 35mm. It has compact dimensions and a user friendly operation. It measures 5.4” (W) x 3.7” (H) x 2.5” (D), and weighing 11.5 oz. The Camera makes capturing pictures sharp and crisp,visual enough to make it easy to see specifications.