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Energy Act 1 Speaker Systems For Sale

Mar 16 2011

The energy act 1 speaker system is great use for high volume entertainment. This home entertainment system brings quality sound to the audience. The color of the speaker is black. The speaker is designed in Canada and made in China.

Akai Professional (Sold)

Feb 11 2011

The Akai Professional continues to provide a traditional drum programing while having the convenience of a portable desktop unit. Whether you are producing drum beats with a bass or triggering loop tones. Offering the user to be able to perform live or rack-full of MIDI modules.

Technics Home Theater System For Sale

Feb 06 2011

The Technics Home Theater System is a great home theater receiver, which pushes 225W. This item is used, but still a fully functioning electronic device. Allows the user to have high definition of quality sound and picture clarity. Having a cd, video, audio, and tape connections makes it convenient for users to have all these connections built in one.

Panasonic Home Theater System For Sale

Feb 06 2011

The Panasonic Home Theater System allows you to change 5 discs. It also has radio station tuners, which is the FM and AM. With 190 Watts the Panasonic home theater system offers it’s users to have great sound quality when they listen to music.

Toshiba DVD Video Player For Sale

Feb 06 2011

The Toshiba DVD Video Player is a unique user interface which insures instant compatibility with connected television sets. The zoom features allows you to zoom in on and magnify a picture.The Mp3 feature is a great one and it allows you to playback custom music collections. The Toshiba DVD video player uses NTSC good video noise, and highly detailed picture color purity.

Sony DVD Player For Sale

Feb 06 2011

The Sony DVD Player provides great picture and sound quality. Having trouble watching used DVD or Rental DVD’s with your DVD Player? Well with the Sony DVD player those situations are minimized. The DVD player is compatible with Dolby Digital and dts decoding and includes 96KHz 24-bit coaxial digital output and a 193 KHz 24bit audio digital-to-analog converter for analog RCA audio output.

Toshiba DVD Video Player For Sale

Feb 06 2011

The Toshiba DVD Player is a great video system. The Toshiba DVD player plays DVD from any country. It has worldwide dual voltage. The DVD player plays PAL or NTSC with no problem.

Yamaha Home Theater Receiver (Sold)

Jan 27 2011

The amazing Yamaha Home Theater Receiver is ready for customization installation, even though it has some formats which is ready to be used. It features 6 channels, Cinema DSP,silent cinema, 24 surround sound program, and a Quad-Field. The Yamaha home theather receiver is a high power system which allows to 6 channels, DTS ES Matrix 6.1 decoding, Dolby Digital Ex, and Dolby Pro Logic 2 decoding. The item takes 120 volts and 320 watts.

Sony BRAVIA Home Theater System DAV-HDX265 (Sold)

Jan 25 2011

This system is a great buy for the price listed. The Sony Home Theater System integrates a high-quality DVD changer with HDMI output. This function will upscale your regular DVD to a 720P/1080i picture that will look great on the latest HD televisions for a picture perfect quality and sound. The system comes with two rear speakers, three front speakers and a great base unit. The system is wireless ready. This particular unit is used and has minor scratches.