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Apple iPod Touch 2nd Generation For Sale

Mar 19 2011

Here at the Hollywood Pawn Shop we have an Apple iPod touch 2nd generation (32GB) for sale. The iPod touch 2nd generation lets you store up to 10,000 images, 7,000 songs, or hours of video efficiency. This iPod touch has 480 x 320p resolutions at 163 ppi which delivers clear pictures. The iPod touch 2nd generation features a 3D graphic to have a great gaming experience.

Ipod Touch A1288 8GB (Sold)

Feb 20 2011

The Ipod touch is a great Ipod line. The item to stores music and videos. Great use for long road trips, camping, traveling and much more. The Ipod touch A1288 offers cool features. For example it’s WiFi is a great feature, which plays a huge roll of being a popular item. You can read more features about this item below this paragraph.