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December 18, 2010
Hollywood Pawn Shop

Pawn Shops have often been called the “Poor Man’s Bank” because they are known to provides funds for those who are otherwise unable to secure a loan from a more traditional bank. Anything a person owns can be considered to have value, and depending on what the item is, a pawn shop can offer cash for it. All one needs is to take the item into the shop and get money for it. Thus lending as well as buying from pawn shops is easy and doesn’t require much effort.

How Exactly Does it Work?

The literal definition of pawning states that it is the process of pledging personal property as collateral in exchange for a quick loan for a definite period. The item’s worth and value of any item is determined by the actual pawnbroker. The seller then decides if the exchange is worth it and accepts the terms of the exchange accordingly. makes a decision whether to accept the terms of the loan or not.


Buying from pawn shops is easy because most of them offer return policies which make the decision to buy even easier. Pawn shops can be a great place to buy rare items at a bargain price. Just walk in, look around, pick an item, pay for it, and leave…nothing simpler!


If you are looking to sell your item to a pawn shop, and have had it inspected by a pawnbroker, you will receive your cash for the item, and the pawnbroker will put up the item for sale and most likely make a big profit from your item.

Buy? No…Sell? No…Oh, I Know! What If I Want to Borrow?

Pawn shops are a business after all, and even though they aid people in times of financial need, they still have to turn out a profit in the process. Even though borrowing from pawn shops is easy, it is often hard to get the desired price in exchange for the item because pawnbrokers offer a small percentage of the item’s resale value, in order to be able to price it in a way they would be able to sell it again and make a profit doing so. Once the borrower agrees to the loan terms, he or she will be accepting to pay interest, storage, appraisal, handling, and insurance fees for each month the product is in stock. If the customer isn’t able to pay off the loan in the agreed-upon time, the item becomes the pawn shop’s property.

How Does the Pawnbroker Know What My Goods are Worth?

Points that pawnbrokers take into consideration in determining value of products include:

  • Condition of the product
  • Resale value of the product
  • Appraised market value of product
  • Taking all these factors into consideration, the pawn shop will offer a different price for each item.

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